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Dads and Doulas

One of the biggest and most common misconceptions about doula services is that the doula "replaces" the father in the birth room. With Mama's Friend, this couldn't be further from the truth - we work to serve and support the whole family, dads included.

During labor and delivery, dads often bare the weight of "know all, do all, be all, see all" - we, instead, assume these responsibilities and encourage dads to have a peaceful, confident, memorable birth experience. Our dads have even said we enhance the birth experience for them, recognizing that our role allowed them to better focus on and support their wives.With the guidance of the childbirth education classes, our dads are prepared and supported to play an active role in

their partners' labors and their babies' births.  

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Angela, Diana, and Ashley are the epitome of professionals in absolutely everything baby and mama related. You're not sure of what you should be learning about this baby who is rapidly approaching? Well they do, and they'll teach it ALL to you, in depth, over 6 fun-filled classes. Labor is starting...wouldn't it be nice to have a family member who has helped birth hundreds of babies (and who is also a walking encyclopedia of all-things baby) show up and help continuously for the next 18 you can be focused and present with your wife? Well with Mama's Friend thats what you get...10-out-of-10 would do again.

- Philip Apodaca

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