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Mama's Friend believes every mama deserves access to professional birth education, preparation and support. To that end, we provide flexible payment plans and will work to meet your family's individual needs. Please contact us directly if you have financial concerns or limitations, and we can discuss and explore our options. Our priority is to provide the services your are seeking - please do not hesitate to call.

Mama's Friend requires a $100 deposit to reserve due dates, and to guarantee doula 24-hour support. Please contact us directly with questions.

Birth Doula

Profession Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery Support

To review our doula services, please click here.

*15% discount for Active Duty Military families*


Virtual Doula

Remote, professional pregnancy, labor and delivery support

To review our postpartum birth services, please click here.

*15% discount for Active Duty Military families*


Childbirth Education Classes

Six-Week Series of Evidence-Based Childbirth Education

To view class outline, please click here.


Mama's Friend Birth Package

Doula Services + Childbirth Education Classes

Includes a no cost, no obligation initial consultation; offers prenatal visits at 36 and 38 weeks to discuss birth plan and review childbirth education classes and information, unlimited pregnancy support via phone, text and email, guaranteed 24-hour "on call" doula availability from two weeks before you due date until delivery, unlimited false-alarm availability, continuous physical and emotional support throughout labor and delivery, extended support following birth, positioning and latching assistance during initial breastfeeding sessions. 

Mama's Friend does not implement a time-limit for doula services, and does not charge additional fees for difficult/timely labors.

*15% discount for Active Duty Military families*


Nutrition Consultation

90-Minute Prenatal Nutrition Consultation

To review our nutrition consultation services, please click here.


Birth Plan Consultation

2-Hour Birth Plan Consultation

To read more about Mama's Friend birth plan consultation, please click here.


Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Capsules/Tincture

To review placenta encapsulation, please click here.

$125.00 for Mama's Friend mamas (capsules)

$200.00 for non-client mamas (capsules)

+$25.00 (tincture, available only as an add-on item to placenta encapsulation clients)


Lactation Support

Please contact us directly to explore individualized lactation support.


Postpartum Doula

Mothering the Mothers: Continuous Support Following Labor & Delivery

To read more about our Postpartum Doula services, please click here.

$20.00/hour for Mama's Friend mamas, 10% discount for more than 20 hours.

$25.00/hour for non-client mamas, 10% discount for more than 20 hours.


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