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Angela Dalton

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Angela is a mom of four, a Mama's Friend mama, and has been a doula with

Mama's Friend since 2013.

In the spring of 2018 Angela purchased Mama's Friend, and is thrilled by the opportunity to continue developing

Mama's Friend, and to continue empowering mamas near and far.

Angela has over 20 years experience in an around nursery, labor and delivery, and has attended hundreds of births around the world. Angela is pro "knowing your options" for moms and "minimal interventions" for mom and baby unless "medically necessary" and knows - personally - that medicine serves a purpose given certain events and circumstances. Her practice is evidence-based and is centered on "go with the flow, but know your options" - she wants mamas (and dads) to feel educated on all their options, listened to and respected, and their choices supported during pregnancy, labor, and delivery, as well as with their newborn. 


Angela and Mama's Friend are for “birth your own way” birth options - she and her team support all births, no matter what mamas' choices are. 

Jenifer Wicker

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Ashley Trevino


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Ashley is a mom of three, a Mama's Friend mama, and has been a doula with

Mama's Friend since 2019.


Ashley is a military spouse from Dallas, Texas, and a self-proclaimed "birth nerd." It was during her family's first station at Fort Rucker that she discovered Angela -- she birthed two of her three children with Mama's Friend and knew, when her family was re-stationed to southern Alabama, that she was called to work directly with the team that converted her to doula births.


Ashley is both a doula and vaginal steam facilitator, and trusts the female body in all that it does and can do. She is a proponent for female health and education, and believes all parents have a right to know their options and make their own decisions.


Along with Mama's Friend, Ashley encourages an evidence-based approach to health, healing, and wellness, and is honored to assist the parents of the newest generation.

Sadie Pipkin

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Sadie is a mom of three, a Mama's Friend mama, and has been a doula with

Mama's Friend since 2014.


Sadie is a holistic health practitioner, and centers her practice - Wild Rose Wellness - on promoting natural health and wellness among the whole family. As both a doula and holistic health practitioner, Sadie believes evidence-based information to be among the most valuable resources people have when improving their health and developing their wellness. She believes all mamas can benefit from learning about their bodies and the purposes behind the processes of pregnancy, labor and delivery.

Sadie is Mama's Friend's universal "back up" doula, and the team's nutrition consultant.

Diana Beddoe

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Diana is a mom of two, a Mama's Friend mama, and has been a doula with

Mama's Friend since 2017.

Diana became a doula because of the varying experiences she had birthing her two babies, and was inspired to

help educate and prepare women in

anticipation of childbirth.

Diana recognizes Mama's Friend and the information/direction they provided to have adequately prepared her for the birth of her second baby - a successful and empowering VBAC - and is believes all mamas deserve the same opportunity: evidence-based information, adequate preparation and confidence. She has participated in over 130 hours of births in Southeastern Alabama, and is excited to continue developing her expertise in

birth services.

In addition to her doula practice, Diana has a Bachelor's degree in Social Science, and is currently specializing in both lactation support and yoga. 

Jenifer is a mom of two, a Mama's Friend mama, and has been a doula with

Mama's Friend since 2015.


Jenifer is currently studying to become a labor and delivery RN, and offers Mama's Friend Childbirth Education Classes in Montgomery, AL.

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Dothan, AL


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