Additional Benefits:

  • Regulated Postpartum Uterine Cramping

  • Stimulated Production of Natural Pain Relief

  • Regulated Thyroid

  • Supports Recovery from Stress

  • Fights Infection 

  • Normalizes Libido

  • Protests Against Postpartum Depression

  • Enhances the Mothering Instinct

  • Counteracts the Production of Stress Hormones

  • Reduces Inflammation and Swelling/has Anti-Inflammatory Effects

  • Combats Anemia

  • Supports the Immune System

  • Promotes Well-Being

  • Enhances Breastmilk Let-Down Reflex

  • Promotes Mammary Gland Growth

  • Increases the amount of Lactose Protein in Breastmilk


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Placenta Encapsulation


Increase milk supply

Stabilize hormones

Increase energy

Reduce risk of postpartum depression

Decrease lochia flow

Mama's Friend is pleased to offer a complimentary consultation to anyone seeking more information on the encapsulation process or questions regarding placentophagy.


In addition, we encourage you to contact former Mama Friend's mamas to review their experiences.