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Our Approach

Our Beliefs

  1. We believe our bodies are designed with a purpose.

  2. We believe there is a reason for everything that happens during pregnancy and birth.

  3. We believe women and families deserve safe and healthy birth outcomes.

  4. We believe every mother should be respected, educated, supported and encouraged surrounding pregnancy and birth - no matter her choices!

  5.  We believe that the more research a mother does, the more she is empowered to choose the best choice for her family.

  6. We believe women (and men!) will become the best mothers (and fathers!) they can be if, and only if:

They are respected as responsible decision-makers;

They are completely informed about the choices they need to make;

They are encouraged to choose the best choice for their families; and

They are supported as they try to achieve their goals.

Our Goals

  1. To help mothers and babies obtain the healthiest and lowest risk births possible,

  2. To increase the enjoyment and bonding between the newborn and her/his parents at birth, and 

  3. To help mothers identify, pursue and obtain their own ideas of a beautiful birth.

Our Mission

We educate and support women

and families so that they experience a beautiful beginning to parenthood.

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