A doula is a trained, experienced and professional labor companion who provides a woman and her husband/partner continuous

emotional support, physical comfort,

and assistance in obtaining information before,

during and just after childbirth.

We recognize birth as a key life experience that mothers remember all their life, and - furthermore - understand the physiology of birth

and the emotional needs

of a woman in labor.

Our job, then, as your doula is to assist you and your partner in preparing for and achieving your plans/preferences for your baby's birth day - by exploring your options, empowering your decisions, and supporting you and your partner physically and emotionally throughout your pregnancy, labor and delivery.

"Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers -- strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength"

Birth Doula
Complimentary Consultation

This is a free, no-obligation consultation; a chance for us to visit, review our services, and determine if our services are right for you - this can be done over the phone or at our office in Dothan, AL.

Two Prenatal Visits
1st Visit: (34 weeks)
We will talk about options for birth and your newborn so you can go about creating a birth plan personalized to you and your preferences. We also talk about different labor positions and comfort measures as well as breathing and relaxation techniques.
2nd Visit: (36 weeks)
We will review your finished birth plan, talk about your wishes and preferences for labor and birth, as well as prepare you for the weeks leading up to your due date.
24/7 Pregnancy Support
From the signing of your contract through two weeks postpartum, we provide continuous, around-the-clock support via phone/text/email for questions and/or concerns.
Your Baby's Birth
We will be "on call" from 38 weeks through the delivery
of your baby.
You will be assigned two doulas - one for the "day shift", one for the "night shift." This ensures you are guaranteed a doula at your birth, regardless of the duration of your labor.
We will stay with you through your labor and up to two hours after the birth of your baby, until you are settled in and breastfeeding has been established.
Postpartum Follow-Up
We will make arrangements to meet with you in-person within the first few days/week after baby is born - to check on breastfeeding, assess your recovery and discuss your birth experience.