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Our virtual doula package is a valuable resource for a variety of different circumstances: the lack of a doula in your immediate area, a relocation shortly before your due date, to experience the support of a doula without assigning another body to your delivery room, etc.

This option is available nationwide - designed specifically for those who are not local to Southeast Alabama but would still like to use Mama's Friend birth services. We can, however, offer in-person meetings to supplement the virtual doula experience for those who are local to the area, and can always upgrade the virtual package to our regular birth doula services for those who are eligible (i.e. local mamas.)

For more information on our doula services click here.

Virtual Doula
Complimentary Consultation

This is a chance for us to talk to determine if our services are right for you - this can be done over the phone or at a local meeting place.

Two Prenatal Visits
1st Visit: (32 weeks)
We will review your desires, wishes, fears and expectations surrounding your labor and delivery, and review our evidence-based research to introduce and discuss your options. We will review a sample birth plan,
and a variety of breathing/relaxation techniques.
In-person, phone or Skype -
 approximately 90 min.
2nd Visit: (36 weeks)
We will finalize a birth plan to include your preferences for labor and delivery, and practice laboring positions and relaxation/comfort techniques. We will discuss what to expect in the next coming weeks and address and questions or concerns
In-person, phone or Skype -
 approximately 90 min.
24/7 Pregnancy Support
From the signing of your contract through two weeks postpartum, we provide continuous, around-the-clock support via phone/text/Skype/email for questions and/or concerns.
Your Baby's Birth
We will be "on call" from 38 weeks through the delivery
of your baby.
We will be available for you via phone/text/Skype throughout your pre-labor, labor and delivery.
During pre-labor we act as a sounding board and help you decide when it is time to go to the hospital.
It is extremely common for mamas to wonder if their water has broken or if the contractions are “real” labor contractions - we are here to help you make those decisions.
Similar to an in-person doula experience, we will offer coping strategies, position changes, comfort measures, pain management techniques and promote informed decisions among you and your partner by explaining available options. 
Postpartum Support
We will be available to your family for two weeks following the birth of your baby. We will act as a resource for you to discuss your labor/delivery, ask questions about your newborn baby, seek advice and information. 
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