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Mothering the mother - a postpartum doula offers a new mother and her family education, companionship, non-judgmental support and hands-on experience during the postpartum "fourth trimester."


We aid in postpartum healing, newborn bonding, sibling adjustment, breastfeeding/bottle-feeding success, meal preparation and light household duties. While most visitors focus on the new baby, our job is to focus on the mama's recovery and comfort. We provide support specific to her needs and work to help the home and family adjust to their new, precious addition. 

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Postpartum Doula


Light housekeeping (laundry/dishes/bottle and pump sterilization.)
Care for baby while parents rest and recuperate.
Breast pump set up and maintenance.
Assistance with breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding.
C-Section support (cleaning/drying/dressing changes.)
Meal prep thoughtfully curated for nourishment and healing.
Meal train creation and management.
Evaluation of home safety and assistance in "baby-proofing" your home.
Demonstration of different types of baby wearing.
Demonstration of swaddling and safe baby sleep practices.
Sibling care.
Basic first aid (also neonatal resuscitation certified.)
Pharmacy pick-up.
Grocery pick-up.
Referrals to any specialist service in MFBS office!
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