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Evidence-Based Prenatal, Labor and Postpartum Services

Mamas Friend

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Placenta Encapsulation

Birth Doula

Having a doula is beneficial for all births and all mamas - we support pregnant mamas and their partners through

pregnancy, labor and delivery.

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There is a strong correlation between pregnancy nutrition and labor, delivery and newborn babies. Mama's Friend offers consultations to best prepare mamas' health and wellness.

Mama's Friend offeres a series of childbirth education classes, to promote informed, evidence-based, confident decisions among women and their partners.

Birth plans benefit all births and all mamas - Mama's Friend provides the information to prepare women and their partners for their upcoming labor and delivery.

Placenta benefits range from increased energy to reduced risk of postpartum depression.

Lactation support is an invaluable resource for new and pregnant mamas. Mama's Friend provides personalized assistance for any mama seeking help or information.

Virtual Doula

The Mama's Friend virtual doula experience was designed to offer doula-inspired support nationwide - near or far.

Mothering the mother - Mama's Friend is here to provide the best care for new mamas, as their bodies and homes transition and adapt to meet the needs of their new babies.

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Childbirth Education

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Nutrition Consult

Birth Plan Consult

Lactation Support

Postpartum Doula

Placenta Encapsulation

Our Approach

Our philosophy is to help you achieve your idea of the most beautiful birth possible: your body, your baby, your birth. We support all mamas, and all birth options - natural, induction, epidural and c-section. Furthermore, we have no agenda - we support what you want. 

Part of a satisfying birth experience is knowing that you knew all of your options and were completely involved in any decision making - we honestly believe that if you don't know your options, then you have none. We educate our mamas on what choices to expect, and then support their decisions. This enables women to achieve their birth goals and encourages beautiful, empowering birth experiences.

Mama's Friend offers education, information, support, coaching and guidance, and works with the obstetric and gynecology specialists in southern

Alabama and surrounding areas. 

About Us

We are confident in evidence-based information, and the power of education; we trust the human body and the processes by which it operates.

We are confident in the strength of women, and that birth can be an empowering experience in a woman's life; that mamas are capable of conquering fear and preparing for birth in a way that will promote peace, power, strength and confidence.

We are confident in our mamas, and we are confident in our team - we believe our doulas can benefit all births, babies and mamas.

Dothan, AL

Enterprise, AL

Fort Rucker, AL

Andalusia, AL

Panama City, FL

Southwestern GA

Serving Dothan and Surrounding Areas

"If you don't know your options, you don't have any."

Know Your Options


Did you know:

What you eat or don't eat during pregnancy has a direct effect on the outcome of your pregnancy, as well as you and your baby's health?

Optimal Fetal Positioning


Did you know:

The position of your baby determines the length and intensity of your labor, and that  you can employ techniques to best position your baby for labor?

Did you know:

Good relaxation and abdominal breathing can take away 50% of pain in labor?


Did you know:

Among healthy, low-risk women and pregnancies, vaginal births after cesarean deliveries (VBAC) are generally safer than a repeat cesarean?

Golden Hour

Did you know:

You can request to stay with your baby directly following your delivery - for as long as you choose, to basque in the "golden hour" - a priceless recovery and bonding moment between mom and baby.


Mamas friends empowered me to make the best decisions for myself and baby along with helping me find the courage to trust my ability to give birth after the loss of my baby girl.


They helped me move from from fear to empowered throughout my pregnancy and birth and also gave me the knowledge to advocate for myself and make evidence based informed decisions.


Thank you Mama's friends!


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