Dads and Doulas

One of the biggest and most common misconceptions about doula services is that the doula "replaces" the father in the birth room. With Mama's Friend, this couldn't be further from the truth - we work to serve and support the whole family, dads included.

During labor and delivery, dads often bare the weight of "know all, do all, be all, see all" - we, instead, assume these responsibilities and encourage dads to have a peaceful, confident, memorable birth experience. Our dads have even said we enhance the birth experience for them, recognizing that our role allowed them to better focus on and support their wives.With the guidance of the childbirth education classes, our dads are prepared and supported to play an active role in

their partners' labors and their babies' births.  


"Extremely grateful for the opportunity to have Sadie, Angela and Jennifer with us during the birth of our first. Moving to Alabama at the end of pregnancy and not knowing the ins and outs of the area was stressful, but our doula team took away the stress and allowed me (dad) to focus on my wife's needs during labor/delivery. For those budget conscience, the price is a bargain for what they do!"

- Daniel Roberts

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